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Hi friends, welcome to Bo-Bannie's Pantry where our wholesome, made-to-order treatos are baked right here in Mount Gambier, South Australia, in small batches with natural, human grade ingredients by our Mum, Trace, the Chief Treatos Maker at Bo-Bannie's Pantry.

Mum began baking special treatos just for us 'cause Bobbie (aka Big Boi, Goodest Boi, Mr Handsome, Fang, Mummy's Boy) has a sensitive tummy - he's a tad bit delicate you see, and also super fussy when it comes to what he's prepared to eat, so the less ingredients, preservatives, chemicals (and other nasties) in his food and treatos, the better!


I, on the other hand, am not so discerning and will eat just about anything (hence the nickname 'Hoover')!


...but enough about me.


Mum researched and test baked for months AND months before creating delicious and healthy recipes just for us.


All of our treatos are free from preservatives, meat by-products, do not contain any fillers or chemicals, feature real, recognisable ingredients, and have no added salt, fats or sugar. Even our delicious yoghurt toppings are coloured using natural powders (like super greens, pink pitaya, berries, blue spirulina, carrot, turmeric, etc) as Mum didn't want to use artificial gels or pastes.


We started sharing our homemade treatos with our fur friends and as they enjoyed them just as much as we did, Mum, with the backing of Dad, John, the Chief Number Cruncher, decided to officially share the love and Bo-Bannie's Pantry was established. 

We're super proud that they named the business after us and sincerely hope that you will love our treatos as much as we do.

Annie (aka Baby Girl, Daddy's Princess, Nooni Pooni, Diva, Hoover)

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