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    A personalised doggie treat jar just for you or the perfect gift for a special fur friend.


    Clear, 1.9 litre glass jar.


    The glass lid has an airtight suction to keep your yummy biccies fresh.


    The jar measures 21cm high and 14cm in diameter.


    Your personalised label is high quality vinyl and comes in either  black or white (you get to choose).


    Design may vary slightly depending on the length of your name.


    To maximise the longevity of the label on your special treat jar, we suggest that your jar should be gently handwashed by your human.


    Remind them not to soak or scrub the label.


    AND, although they might be tempted to place your jar in the dishwasher, we suggest that they don't!


    Also, as the jar is glass, let your human know that they need to handle it with care at all times.


    Current turnaround time is 4-5 business days.


    Please let your human know that this does not include shipping time.


    For personalised glass treat jar - select JAR ONLY.


    For personalised glass treat jar FILLED with delicious biccies - select your favourite flavour.

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